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Wellspring designs and installs StruXure Outdoor Pergola systems which provide multifaceted solutions for our business clients including:

  • Eco-friendly design lets sun in during the winter months to increase heat and light. Then angle the louvers to provide energy-saving shade during the summer.

  • Dual-function as walls or dividers with vertical installation. This allows the opportunity to further control sun and subdivide larger areas of space. This specific application can block window areas that have either partially obstructed or unsavory views.

  • A unique, functional WOW factor! These commercially-rated, powder- coated finished systems are sleek in design and durable under harsh elements.

  • Increased seating footprint. Your restaurant, bar, or outdoor area directly increases its R.O.I. per sq. ft.

  • Protection from intense sunlight during the hottest times of the day for your customers.

  • Available rain sensors, allowing for immediate control to close the system during periods of rain.

Since we installed our new louvered roof, we’ve been able to use our rooftop 100 percent of the time, year-round. Not only does it protect our guests from the elements - it’s beautiful.
— Peggy Brock - Hooters Management Corporation

Watch a short testimonial video with Peggy below.

Additional Business Benefits:

  • Provides sun to enter at your discretion and closes completely to provide shelter during periods of rain

  • Continuous, uninterrupted usable square footage during periods of rain

  • Allows sun light to enter the space when the louvers are open and angled toward the sun

  • Unique, customizable space

  • WOW! Factor – A breezy place with fan options, a well-lit place with custom lighting, a warm place with heaters and a cool place with a cooling mister!

  • Ability to limit sunlight further with operable screens that tie into structure

  • Increase usable seating footprint that can be controlled from sun & rain

  • Guarantees outdoor seating customers stay put during periods of rain

  • Revitalize an existing outdoor area that is currently underutilized or misrepresented

  • Customizable LED lighting to create a warm, modern atmosphere