We want your questions answered! Below is a list of some common questions we regularly encounter. To see the answer, simply click on the + and the answer will drop down.

Q1. Why should I choose Wellspring Outdoor Solutions?

We are the turn-key specifiers & installers of StruXure Outdoor products in the Greater-Carolina region. Spanning from project inception to final delivery, we handle all aspects of your project in order to effectively manage client expectations during our well-defined process.

Q2. Does Wellspring help with the design of the system?

Absolutely. Wellspring Outdoor Solutions will directly assist in the design aspect of your project. We also have an engineer on staff that reviews all projects prior to materials being ordered.

Q3. How strong are the materials that comprise the system?

The system materials are made of extruded aluminum. Extruded aluminum has a higher tensile strength and allows for a stronger system with longer spans without deflection. The connectors are made of stainless steel. The system has been rated to meet strict hurricane codes, as well as withstand heavy snow loads experienced in colder climates. This is the most durable adjustable pergola system offered on the market.

Q4. What range of motion do the louvers function?

The louvers can be specifically controlled from zero to 170 degrees. This offers for very specific control of the amount of sun allowed to travel thru the system.

Q5. How do the wind & rain sensors work?

The rain and wind sensors are integrated into the iLouver technology. The rain sensor can easily be programmed to automatically close the adjustable pergola system upon detection of rain. Once the rain sensor detects the rain has stopped for 20 minutes, the louvers open slightly 10 degrees to allow remaining rain water to drain. The wind sensor has a “Hurricane Mode” which allows the entire system to open completely decrease resistance & minimize uplift during periods of extremely high winds.

Q6. Does the manufacturer warranty their system?

Absolutely. StruXure Outdoor extends a transferrable limited warranty to the structural components & moveable accessories of their products. There is a LIFETIME warranty on the manufacturer’s defects in materials, a 15 year warranty on structural components, a 10 year warranty on the manual operator & 5 years on any electrical components & drive motors.

Q7. Where are the materials manufactured?

The system is proudly manufactured here in the U.S.A.! They are manufactured and shipped directly from Dahlonega, Georgia.

Q8. Where does the water go in the system when it is raining & the louvers are closed?

A hidden internal gutter exists within the perimeter. Its innovative design channels the water to the predetermined post or posts and is directed to very specific locations.

Q9. May I reclaim & repurpose the water out of the system?

Yes. It is certainly possible to reclaim the water captured by your system & use it to water trees & plants.

Q10. How is the system controlled?

The system can be controlled in several different ways or any combination of them. A wall switch control is available. The system also has iLouver technology which allows you to control the louvers by using an app on your smart device. This allows you to: Set open & close times for the day, choose four preset conditions to change position to throughout the day, decide how your system performs in the rain as well as during high winds.

Q11. How large may you span the system?

The standard zone covers up to a 12’ x 20’ area. However, there is no limit to the number of zones you can implement into any design. The possibilities are truly limitless in terms of design!

Q12. What options are available to customize my system?

There are a wide variety of options to choose from: Ceiling fans, accent lighting, custom colors, wood/faux cladding, custom columns, cornice style façade, pergola cuts, corbel ends, motorized solar screens, outdoor curtains and outdoor heating and cooling options. Any additional customization ideas are also welcomed to be discussed.

Q13. What colors do I have to choose from?

White, Beige, Adobe & Bronze are the 4 standard colors available. However, almost any custom colors are available.